Grace Church Philosophy of Music

We at Grace Church believe that God has created man to worship Him(1) and that music is one of the ways He has given us to do this. We believe that God is calling those to worship him from “every tribe and nation” and that our larger vision statement reflects our desire to reach these with the gospel and “ disciple them “. Our corporate worship should reflect the diversity and freedom that God has allowed His church.

We believe that our music should first be glorifying to God(2), reflecting what He has revealed of Himself in His Word. Our priority in music should be what is pleasing to Him and not necessarily our own enjoyment or pleasure. We recognize that God uses music to encourage His people to greater faithfulness, but even this is His working in us to glorify His name. Therefore, we will avoid repeating ideas put forth by men and, instead, focus on what He has revealed about Himself.

We will not seek personal agendas or preferences in worship. Instead, we will always be thankful for our unity in Christ(3), yet conscious of the differences in out congregation. We will seek the good of the entire body as we learn different expressions of worship from one another. While we may be flexible in our style, we will always stress the inward reality of worship. We believe that God is more concerned with the heart than the form of worship.

Both worship and singing are actions which involve the participation(4) of all God’s people. Understanding the diversity of the body, especially the mixing of the generations, we will encourage our young people to honor and respect the stability and heritage of their elders, but at the same time, we will seek to foster their energy and fresh expression.

In all this, we recognize that our worship is acceptable only in and through(5) our High Priest Jesus Christ. Therefore, we will strive for excellence in our worship, but not see technical or artistic merit as our goal. Instead, in all we do, we will encourage service to God rather than performance, realizing that our worship is pleasing to God only because it comes through Christ.(6)

1. John 4: 23-24 2. 1 Peter 4:11; Romans 11:36 3. Ephesians 4: 3-4 4. Psalms 107: 32; Romans 15:5-6 5. Hebrews 10:19-22; 8:1-2; 2:12 6. Hebrews 10:23-25

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