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“Praise the Lord, all nations! Extol Him, all peoples!” Psalm 117:1

God is worthy to be praised by “all nations”. Therefore Grace Church is, and historically has always been, committed to missions. The work of our mission is to spread the good news that God has given His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die in the place of sinners, to satisfy His holy justice, and to reconcile to Himself a people for His own possession. The message of our mission is that whosoever will may come to Christ is simple faith, turning from sin, and receiving full pardon and new life. The goal of our mission is that this God of grace be worshiped by “all peoples”. To that end we are dedicated to the work of local and world evangelization.

Carol Arnold - Equipping Pastors, International, Florida

Tim and Mary Sue Austin - Converge, Senegal

Bill and Joy Boerop - World Thrust - Atlanta, GA

Brian and Yoko Broaddus - Pioneers - Japan

Brooks and Riva Cain - Mission to the World - Japan

Keverly Dyson, Real Hope for Haitia, Cazale, Haiti

Sebastian and Georgina Edelmann - Child Evangelism Fellowship - Germany

Michael Oselo, pastor, Uganda

Fares and Luz Palacios, pastor and wife, Venezuala

Pastors in the Middle East, HeartCry

Randy and Julie Pizzino - Equipping Pastors, International - Roanoke, VA

Keith and Jeannette Shubert - East Asia School of Theology (EAST) - Singapore

David and Diana Stoddard - The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) - Guatemala

Jason Stoddard – Camino Global - Texas

Wayne and Valerie Yates - Wycliffe/JAARS - Waxhaw, North Carolina

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Roanoke Valley - Roanoke, VA

Blue Ridge Women’s Center of Roanoke Valley - Roanoke, VA