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Ministry to Children

We will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power, and his mighty wonders. Psalm 78:4



There are two nurseries available, infant (up to 18 months) and toddler (18 months through 3 years).  These are usually combined for Sunday School and the Evening Service, but are separate during the Morning Service.  There is also a comfortable nursing room located inside the infant nursery for nursing moms. For additional protection we do require that all children in the nursery be signed in and out using our computer registration system located just outside the doors to the nursery


Grace Kids

To help ease the transition from nursery to sitting through an entire Morning Service, we offer Grace Kids for children aged 4-6 years old.  Children will attend the beginning of the service, which includes prayer and singing, with their parents and then before the sermon starts they will be excused to go to Grace Kids.  During Grace Kids the children will hear a Bible lesson especially suited for them. This is purely optional. Children of all ages are welcome to stay with their parents during the entire service, if this is your preference.


Sunday School for Children

The children at Grace Church, from 2½ years through the 6th grade are all learning the great redemptive storyline of the Bible using The Gospel Story Curriculum. Every age level studies the same scripture passage each week but at a level that is appropriate to their stage of learning. This also enables parents of multiple children to interact with their kids more easily about the Sunday School lesson no matter what age they are. Additionally, family devotionals Long Story Short (OT) and Old Story New (NT) are available for purchase on our book table that complement the Sunday school lessons.  The lesson they are learning is printed in the bulletin each week so you will be able to follow the same schedule.


Children’s Sunday School Classes

2½-3 year-olds 


1st-2nd Grade

3rd-4th Grade

5th-6th Grade


If you have children in grades 7th-12th, check out the Youth Ministries page for more information.


Wednesday Night Bible Clubs

From September through May, we offer children’s Bible clubs for children aged 3 years through the 6th grade, as well as youth group for 7th-12th grades, which is described on our Youth Ministries page.  We meet from 6:30 pm to 8 pm with the clubs in the sanctuary before going to their individual classes.  The youth groups meet in the youth room for the entire time.

3 and 4 year-olds - Awanas Cubbies with an emphasis on Bible stories and verse memory

K-2nd grade - Awanas Sparks with an emphasis on Missionaries and verse memory

3rd and 4th grade - Explorers I Children’s Catechism Club

5th and 6th grade - Explorers II Westminster Shorter Catechism Club


If you have any further questions, please contact a member on our Children’s Education Leadership Team:  Jessica Onesty, Kevin & Ali Pope, Sarah Escalera, Debbie Ray, and Aaron Dowdy.