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The Bible in 2018

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The Providence of God

God providence acts at all times in the lives of all people preserving, guiding, correcting, or punishing according to His wise counsels....

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Manipulative Leaders

The problem of devious leaders is not new. Is there nothing we can we do about manipulative leaders? No. We can do more than just complain....

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Authority: Rejected and Abused

Authority was an issue in David’s time and in Jesus’ day. In one case legitimate authority was abused and in the other legitimate authority was rejected....

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The Hidden Consequences of Sin

Sin presents itself as an appealing, beautiful fruit hiding its deadly consequences. Are you learning to detect those consequences?...

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The God Who Surprises Us

God often surprises us by His decrees and His ways. Read on to find out how God stunned a king and a social outcast with His grace and mercy....

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The Cost of Following Christ

The one who would follow Christ must prepare himself to lose everything, even the most precious relationships in this world. Are you prepared?...

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Prayer in the Face of Injustice

Injustice abounds in this world, but God gives His people prayer so that they may call upon Him rather than to lose heart....

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His Kingdom is Forever

No king and no kingdom have lasted for long. But we now know the identity of the King whose reign will last forever. Do you know Him?...

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The Danger of Presumption

Presumption is behavior perceived as arrogant and disrespectful. Presumption may not be a common word, but today's reading shows it is a common failure....

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Heeding a Timely Warning

A person’s life and eternal destiny depends on a willingness to heed the warning. Here we see examples of one who heeded and one who refused....

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