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Do you know the lessons of Mt. Moriah? What happened there shows us the gospel. Your response to those lessons is a matter of life and death.

To know God is the supreme privilege and responsibility of mankind. But what if we fail? Can there be mercy greater than judgment?

The path of God may take us through pain, suffering, and death, but never away from His love and compassion. Will we trust Him?

God makes assignments to His people. It may be enduring great suffering or making great music. But He is always glorified and His people always built up.

We must take God’s Word seriously. David charged Solomon to do so. Jesus showed the Jews His commitment to the truth of Scripture.

God raised a shepherd boy to king in Israel, but that was only a faint picture of what He would ultimately do--give the world the greatest Shepherd King.

Belief in God is evidenced by simple trust. No drama. Just a readiness to believe Him and to seek His direction in His Word.

Today we see the stark contrast between the godly leader and the selfish, insecure leader. We are called to follow the One who leads us to glory.

Hearing the words of God is evidence that one is of God. But disaster awaits everyone who will not hear. We can learn much from a horrible example.

The old saying, attributed to Matthew Henry, is true, “None so blind as those that will not see.” So, what can we do if we discover we are blind?

Everyone is faced with a choice of two paths: light or darkness. You must take one but only one. In which one will you walk?

Biblical genealogy shows us that even kings do not leave much of a legacy. Jesus calls us to something more than temporal significance.

"Be careful what you wish for" is a common warning. But do you know what everyone should wish for but many do not? Read on and find out.

What makes a person choose to believe or not believe? Here we see some perplexing examples but also a clear answer from Jesus.

Throughout history, God has been and is pleased with those who believe in Him, that is, who believe Him. It's no secret. Faith pleases God.

Fools seek power that is not theirs through conspiracy and murder, but there is a humble king who did not grasp the power that was rightfully His.

Seeking glory from society is a sure stumbling block to believing the truth and to living wisely and godly. Here's a warning to flee the trap.

To be at enmity with God, our Creator, is a hopelessly depressing situation, but to be reconciled to Him brings joy and peace that lasts.

Those who hold significant authority in this world need God’s help and mercy, but some find it hard to believe in Him. We can learn from two examples below.

God saves people from every nation, tribe, and tongue who come to Him by faith. Here we meet two unlikely converts: a social outcast and an army general.

How important is it that we discover the truth about God and that we believe Him? It is literally a matter of life or death. Find out more now.

Whether you seek darkness or light says a lot about your true spiritual condition. Today we read of the worst example ever and a warning from Jesus.

A two-part error of many is to think they know God, but that God doesn’t know them. Building on these false assumptions never works.

God calls us to follow Him but biblical history shows how some followed while others limped between the true God and impostors. Will you follow or limp?

Without a new birth, brought about by God, even the most informed people do not receive His Word but persist in all kinds of pagan abominations.

Our computers come with factory default positions. As fallen humans our default positions concerning faith need a reset. Have yours been reset?

Our problem is not lack of knowledge but the resistance in our hearts to believe God and to love Him more than anything or anyone else.

The way to paradise is not through our own good works. Rather, it comes by grace through faith to the repentant sinner even one dying naked on a cross.

Today we read about two kings in Jerusalem. Both made offerings for sin. But one offered animals and the other offered Himself.

What a contrast in leadership: Pontius Pilate and King Solomon! But against the backdrop of these two men we can see the glory of God in a fresh way.

Does evil in yourself and in the world overwhelm you? Scripture shows us that sin can never thwart God's wisdom. He even uses sin for His glory.