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The Lord told Balaam to go with the Moabite princes and, when he went, God was angry with him. Do you wonder if God was unfair to Balaam?

Does the failure of leaders in the Church prove that our faith is false? Today we meet leaders who failed and what God did about it.

God teaches His people repeatedly that He is both fearsome and trustworthy. Will we ever learn that though awesome He is for us who know Him through Christ?

The providence of God is evident, but is not predictable nor understandable, not fully. Can we live with the mystery by faith?

Unbelief laughs, scorns, ridicules, and trembles. But unbelief can be overcome by a clear-eyed look at God, His power, and His promises.

God's glory shines when His Son, Jesus, saves enslaved sinners, delivering, healing, and sending them to be His witnesses to other enslaved sinners.

God makes Himself known for His mercy and His power. Have you seen how He quiets you in the midst of life's storms and chaos?

God wills that His people be blessed and flourishing. But God’s blessings depend on something else, something for which we are responsible.

Does your human family have problems? Rejoice, if you have been adopted into the Father’s family by the new birth, you are tied eternally to Jesus Christ.

The Bible mentions the number twelve often. Can we know why? Or should we praise God for His wisdom not yet fully revealed?

Do you wonder if sickness is divine punishment for sin? One man came to Christ for healing, but discovered He gives something even better.

In Jesus Christ there is true freedom to be His servant. Yet not only His servant but His friend. He redeems us to be His friends.

What would life be without time? Surely we cannot imagine it. Time is a good gift of God to us. He works in time fulfilling His plans in His perfect timing.

Missions are about making God's name known and hallowed in every nation of the world. We must pray, send, give and go till Christ returns.

Truth is essential. The claims of Jesus Christ rest in actual historical events, not merely philosophical theory. If true, how can they be ignored?

What do we do with our guilt? It torments sensitive souls, but Jesus Christ died that whoever believes in Him should be forgiven and cleansed of all guilt.

The sin and corruption in apparently godly people can shock us. How can we regular people escape? The gospel of Jesus Christ gives us the answer.

You don't know what you don't know. That's oblivion. The disciples of Jesus suffered from it but great is the love of Christ.

Does God care how we worship Him? Two priests once believed He does not. The result was death. Death at church. Find out more in today's post.

What can we, mere humans, give to God? There is nothing that He needs, but there is something He wants from us. Something He finds acceptable and holy.

In light of Jesus' parables, we might wonder if He is teaching that we are saved by our own merits. Did Jesus teach salvation by works?

God is not a capricious tyrant. His commands are good, He provides a sacrifice for our sins. And He is pleased with us when we believe Him.

It's painful to think of a great building being destroyed. But when the temple which is destroyed is Jesus Christ the result is resurrection and life.

God gave Israel a visible structure intended to portray the gospel of Jesus Christ. So when the Lord came how could they miss the point entirely?

Two qualities bring blessing to Christians but are often in short supply. Today's readings give us good and bad examples of these qualities.

Many worship practices are justified because “they work.” But do they truly honor God? Do they conform to what God says in His word?

God calls us to His fellowship, but we may not come in our natural state. We must be dressed properly. But when we are we may enjoy Him forever.

The chief priests and elders pretended concern about Jesus’ authority, but what was their true motivation?