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Faith Promise

Faith Promise is an exciting way to be directly involved in World Missions.

There are two parts to “Faith Promise”. There is the “Promise” to give to the work of World Missions through Grace Church. Then there is the “Faith” which determines how much to promise and is our confidence that God will provide.

How does “Faith Promise” work?

Each year, at the annual “World Evangelism Challenge” conference, we will each fill out a card promising the Lord, as He provides, to give a certain amount during the following year for World Evangelism. We each determine the amount to promise through prayer and by trusting God to provide. It is a purposeful challenge to our faith. The following year’s Evangelism/Mission budget will then be based on those “Faith Promises”. The we watch God provide and we see our faith grow as He uses us to help accomplish His mission in the world.

For what will our “Faith Promise” offerings be used?

“Faith Promise” offerings will be used to support our missionaries as well as local outreach ministries like Child Evangelism Fellowship, Blue Ridge Women’s Center, etc. It will also support Missions training, projects, resources, and our annual “World Evangelism Challenge” conference.

Why use the “Faith Promise” method for Missions giving?

Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there will be your heart be also”, (Matthew 6:21) Since the proclamation of God’s glory to the nations is central to our purpose as a church (Psalm 96, Matthew 28), our prayer is that “Faith Promise” will make our giving to World Evangelism a much more conscious activity, thus linking our hearts more directly to that blessed work. Our prayer also is that God will use this to increase our participation (both by giving and going) in Missions. May using this method establish Global Evangelism as a top priority in our church as well as in our hearts by tying our pursestrings more directly to it!

When do we begin?

We will collect “Faith Promise” cards on the Sunday morning of our “World Evangelism Challenge” conference and report the results that evening. This will be your promise to the Lord and will help us establish our budget for Global Evangelism for the next year. Actual giving toward this Faith Promise does not begin until the following January. Until January, you should continue giving according to last year’s Faith Promise.

(Please note, this is only a sampling of questions/answers that are available in booklet form from the church office. If you would like to have a complete booklet or have questions that are not detailed in the booklet, please contact the church office.)