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Who Are We Before God

Genesis 1:27

In the current pandemic, with all the trials and suffering associated with it,  we hear talk of rationing of care, difficult decisions as to who will get a ventilator if needed, do not resuscitate orders  and other end of life matters. Those of us in our golden years  might have cause for concern. Age (and we hope associated wisdom) may no longer have much value in our society but our value to God is not age related. In a recent email from Dave Peterson, a wonderful friend and fellow traveler in the faith, he suggests some counterpoints to the above and I have included with his permission some of these in the following devotion.

I want to focus on who we are  before God, and how much  He amazingly loves and cares for us.

We are created in the image of God. (Genesis 1:27)  To understand that we are His image bearers is a truth too wonderful to grasp. What an incontestable basis for our value in God’s sight.

The narrative of humanity quickly declines as Adam and Eve  disobey God’s command
in their desire to be God like  in their knowledge of good and evil. Every human being since has shared in their guilt. We have sinned against God, falling so far short of His glory.(Romans 3:23)  His response to our rebellion, is quite beyond belief. He took on human flesh and became one of us, in humility and deep love. This miracle of incarnation gives us an amazing view of the character of God, in the sinless perfection of Jesus.(John 14:9)  As Jesus story unfolds, we stand in speechless awe that He would suffer and die in our place that our sin might be forgiven. What amazing love!

When we receive His free gift of redemption, we also receive new life in Christ. We actually participate in His suffering and resurrection, receive His righteousness, and
become children of God and joint heirs with Christ.

And finally, if we haven’t fully grasped God’s love for us, and how He values us, let us consider the stunning promise that we will spend eternity with Him and in the New Heaven and New Earth. (Romans 8:28, Colossians 3:4)  we will see God!

What are we to conclude about our value to God? We can conclude that medical decisions made in times of crisis by physicians are ultimately matters of Providence.
We are in the hands of the Great Physician.

Prayer: We praise you and thank you Heavenly Father that in your mercy and great love we are members of the family of God. Our assurance in these troubled times is entirely based on your amazing love for us. In Jesus name.

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