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The Mind of Christ


 “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 2:5, NKJV)

The mind of Christ! What a mind He had that directed all of His thoughts, words, and actions. We are told in Romans 8:29, that we have been “predestined to be conformed to his image.” But think what a lofty standard we have before us. He is the true “angel standing in the sun,” (Rev. 19:17) who alone projects no shadow. And he is so bathed in the glories of Deity that it appears that no man nor woman can come close to Him but we can. We are told that we are to “have the mind of Christ” in us and he will furnish the grace that will enable us to do so.

In this life we should at least be growing to approximate his mind, though we cannot adequately and fully resemble it. The more we study “the mind of Christ,” the more we will be in his presence, holding conversation with him as our best and dearest friend, and catching his holy looks and deeds, the more we shall be transformed into the same image.

We are told in Hebrews 3:1 to “Consider (literally “gaze upon”) Jesus. We are to “glaze” upon him and study feature by feature, line by line, of our holy example. We are to “gaze” on the Sun of Righteousness until we are carried away with his brightness and glory for he is “the Man Christ Jesus.”

We must never, indeed, forget that it is not the mind, but the work of Christ which lies at the foundation of a sinner’s hope. He must be known as a Savior, before he is studied as our Example. But it was through his mindset that he lived a life of complete obedience, enabled him to speak the Word of God and to offer himself as a willing sacrifice to die for sinners. His life, death, burial, resurrection and acceptance by God the Father are visibly represented in the empty tomb. Therefore, brothers and sisters, in the midst of scary and uncertain times, be assured that the empty tomb encourages us not to worry about the empty shelves.

Prayer: O Heavenly Father, You have instructed me to have the mind of Christ, would You teach me how I can have the mind of Christ through Your Word? In Jesus name. Amen

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Thank you brother!
Thanks for reminding us to gaze upon Christ at a time when it’s easy to be fearful, selfish and depressed. He is our glorious Good Shepherd who gave His life so that all His sheep will have eternal life. No one can snatch us from His hand. His resurrection proves it.

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