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1 Timothy 2:1-4, 8

I don’t know about you, my brothers and sisters, but I have sensed a problem with my current prayer life. Carolyn and I have been praying a lot, and that is good and a great blessing, but have found myself so repetitive that I feared God would weary of my petitions. Of course I know that that is not the case. Our gracious Heavenly Father is pleased to hear our most pitiful efforts at supplication. I will reflect on two truths and consideration of how we can focus our prayer life.    

How amazing to know that the exalted Christ is interceding for us. This heavenly intercession is mentioned by Paul in Romans 8:31-35. Paul has confidence in the unfailing love which God holds for believers. (Romans 8:35)  Christ is our advocate and continuously prays on our behalf before God.

Paul also teaches that the Holy Spirit carries on intercession on behalf of believers.(Romans 8:26-27)  As Christ intercedes in heaven, the Spirit intercedes on behalf of the saints during the struggles of this earthly life. Those who are in Christ continue to live in a world of suffering, decay, futility and confusion. (Romans 8:18-25) Yet within this darkness, when believers may not know how to speak or pray or worship, the Spirit facilitates and mediates an appropriate response. God sovereignly draws men and women into His presence, even when they seem unable to move toward Him.

John Carroll has given us excellent instruction and exhortation in prayer in recent weeks. Pastor Charlie has suggested praying the Psalms as the first act of the day- good advice.  I suggest we make lists of specific items of gratitude and petitions  before each occasion of prayer. Remember, prayer is conversation. Pray often.  Psalm 54:2

Prayer: Our gracious Heavenly Father, thank you for the amazing  truth  that Jesus and the Holy Spirit intercede on our behalf before Your throne of grace. In Jesus name.

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