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Let the Peace of Christ Rule in Your Hearts.

Colossians 3:15, "Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts."

How do we do this? We cannot pursue and capture peace any more than we can capture the rays of the sun. In the search for peace, at both personal and wider perspectives, we struggle and rationalize our efforts. The world’s message is “go after peace with your time, money, education, and effort”.  The reality is that we never lay hold of it because there is only one source of peace, as Colossians declares - The Lord Jesus.

To embrace this amazing message we must be followers of the Way and disciples of Jesus. He must be our Savior, Lord, and teacher in the deepest sense.     

There are two key components to understand this Scripture found in the words “let" and "rule”.  In difficult circumstances, like the present trouble, we must be patient wait on Him, and anticipate His peace. We must pray that His peace will rule, that is, be dominant in our hearts and minds. Remember that Christ knows every detail of our present circumstance. He controls storms and tempests.  We may have learned to trust Him in small things, but now we must learn to trust Him in a very big thing, and we will find Him faithful. He is trustworthy and will grant us peace.

Prayer: Thank you Lord Jesus for peace that passes understanding.

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