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John 20:16

John 20:16     

At this time of pandemic and crisis, most to the world around us is moving in slow motion or actually shuttered. The news gives us an endless array of statistics which have little meaning . Discussion and commentary  about unanswerable questions is frustrating. The new daily routines are surreal. It all so impersonal. 

In the midst of it all how wonderful to be reminded that we have a very personal God who invites us into a deeply personal relationship. This begins with our redemption and salvation in Christ on the Cross where we enter into His suffering and resurrection  and new life.  Words are important and uttering “I believe” strikes to the core, the difference between life and death . We now cry out “Abba  Father”  and know that He calls us by name. As she approaches the empty tomb  the resurrected Jesus said to her “ Mary”.

In Isaiah 43:1  we read  “…I have called you by your name, you are mine” . In Isaiah 49:16 “I have engraved you on the palms of my hands…“.   Further affirmation of the intensely personal character of our salvation is found in John 10:3&4 “ …the sheep hear His voice , and He calls His own sheep by name…“.  In II Timothy 2:19    “The Lord knows those that are His…“

And so the world around us, especially in crisis, seems very impersonal but our relationship with God in Christ is deeply personal.  “Abba Father”.  Jesus said to her, “Mary”.

Prayer: Thank you Father that you know me by name and I am yours. In Jesus name.

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