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Be of Good Courage

Be of Good Courage


Aaron Griffin


Numbers 13:20 – and whether the land is rich or poor, and whether there are trees in it or not. Be of good courage and bring some of the fruit of the land.”


As noted this morning, we are all most certainly affected, in some way, by the changes we are experiencing in our lives right now. It is important to acknowledge the impact these changes could have on our souls. Earlier, we focused on the opportunity of our current situation, now, we consider the possible danger. 

Be of good courage. This is what Moses tells the men chosen to be sent out as spies. In my past experiences with this passage, and maybe yours as well, I always relate the courage Moses speaks of to the possible physical dangers of the journey, for the men and the congregation waiting. The risks are clear. We know that as spies, without question, they must go undetected and be prepared for danger. They absolutely need courage. Further, we are very aware, that at this point, the congregation is waiting, on the brink of entering in and possessing the promised land. This is intense. But what if Moses’s call to courage was not what it has always seemed to me?  What if his call to be of good courage was not given by a man acting as a general, standing at the head of his army? But rather, what if Moses was saying it as a dear brother, and this call was given as a plea, because he knows the real danger? Moses, maybe better than anyone, knew solitude. He knew what it was to go away from the congregation, away from the body. And he also knew what it was to have faith in God.

As we read, we do not become aware of the most serious danger until the men return. Once they return, our eyes begin to see. These men have returned with an extreme lack of faith. This, in spite of the fact that they themselves had just proved to everyone that Canaan was just has God had said it was. Once again, God had proven himself worthy to be trusted. So I ask us all, what happened to them while away those 40 days? How was it they came back with such little faith?

Brothers and sisters, be of good courage. God knows what is out there, what lies ahead. Everything promised is possible if it is promised to him that believes. Courage in such circumstances can only come from strong faith. Remember that unbelief overlooks the promises and power of God, it magnifies every danger and difficulty and fills the heart with discouragement. If any of us choose to walk by site and not by faith, we pose a danger, not only to ourselves, but to the congregation as a whole. Do not believe the reports that you gather over against the gift of divine revelation that you have been given. Remember our precious Savior.  Remember Christ’s desire to do the will of the Father, at all times, in all situations and at all costs.


Prayer: Please Father give us courage at this time, so that with constant care and diligence, we may preserve our souls and return to one another with an increased faith, a faith that encourages and builds up the bride of Christ.


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