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All Scripture is God Breathed

1Timothy 3:16

“All Scripture is God Breathed-“.   

    How can you and I, as God’s people, make sense of the chaos, fear and uncertainty around us.  How can and should we respond to the almost apocalyptic and ever changing world  we live in. A commonly voiced view now is that our world will never be the same. Whether that is true or not, we must consider carefully all that is going on, our response to it, and pray that our Heavenly Father will give us eyes to see and ears to hear His amazing word, activity, and grace in all that is happening.
    Our government tells us that we are in a war of sorts, and massive efforts are underway to provide the necessary weapons. We are grateful for this,  but rejoice in the fact that our weaponry is different. It is powerful and amazing in impact. I want to focus on these in today’s  devotions- the Holy Scriptures and prayer.
    We know the story that we are a part of because we know the scriptures. The story begins and ends with Jesus. It reached a decisive moment in the life and ministry of Jesus, and ultimately in His death and resurrection. The whole of Scripture is the account of God’s incredible mercy and grace in offering us rescue and redemption, forgiveness and relief from the burden of our sin. God’s word (logos), according to Scripture, is His speech, His conversation with us,  by which He expresses and reveals Himself.  God’s speech is not limited to written revelation. He spoke the world and cosmos into existence. He not only created the world out of nothing by His Word,  but also commands and directs it’s course since creation. (Matthew 8:26-27 and Hebrews 1:3) the word of God is living and active in judgement and grace. It is Gods word that heals, saves, and delivers us. Scripture describes God’s saving acts as words of God. His word then is involved in everything God does. (1Timothy 4:5)
   I want to focus for a moment on the Scripture verse cited. Timothy knew the Holy Scriptures since his earliest years. Paul emphasizes that they are the source of spiritual wisdom and lead to salvation as Christ Jesus is received by faith. The Scripture is trustworthy and of immense value. It is God breathed- the speech of our Heavenly Father and the whole basis of true Christian belief. It identifies, rejects, and corrects error.
It is effective in training in righteousness, so the Christian may be prepared for every good work.
    As the Church we are currently embroiled in spiritual warfare, the messiness of life, the reality of sin, and the struggle with a pandemic. Let us remember God’s sovereign control of history and nature, and our glorious end in all of this.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, in your mercy, grant us wisdom and courage at this difficult time, rightly dividing your Word of Truth, that we might honor You in all we do and say. In Jesus  name.

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